Will LA’s Iconic Comedy Clubs Survive Post Covid? in THRILLIST

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Great piece about Los Angeles comedy post COVID in thrillist. Read the whole thing here.

COVID-19 has also forced indie comedy nights to adjust their models. UnCabaret was performing pre-pandemic at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Feliz. Show founder Beth Lapides now hosts Sunday night UnCabaZoom sessions every two weeks, conversing with a mix of regular and rotating comedians, raconteurs and musicians. “Taking the show to live streaming came from a deep desire to connect,” Lapides says. Since everybody’s remote, she’s also able to draw talent from other time zones, including New York-based guests like Sandra Bernhard, Isaac Mizrahi, and Aparna Nancherla.

People who tune in to Zoom comedy shows can be as active and visible as they want to be, with options to mute and erase their feed from the “Brady Bunch” like box line-up. Performers can hear your applause, laughs and jeers…or not.  Lapides calls Zoom an “exciting creative challenge” and is happy with the results. “In some way it was a very natural extension of UnCabaret,” she says. “UnCab is built to be conversational and intimate. Which is what the Zoom experience is at its best. I’m in conversation with the talent. I’m laughing. So there isn’t the weird void.”

UnCabaZoom donations are welcome, but not required. They also host a “backstage after show thing” to reward VIP donors. They plan to continue with the experiment, true to the song that Lapides sings to start each show: Change.