The Why of UnCabaret 2020

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I’m often sharing the whats of UnCabaret.
The amazing whos. The delightful wheres.

But as we enter this ultra intensified field of 2020
It seems like a perfect time to refresh the why.
Or maybe even the imperfect time.
Because part of the why of UnCab
Is the practice of the Perfectly Imperfect.
Comedy of the the illusive now.
And we so need the now stories.
Now more than ever.
Always. Haha.

Some nows last and last.
Even grow and grow.
Some are an instant.
They overlap like bubble machine makings
Bursting each other.
Doubling down.
Creating a field of sparkly nows.

Once upon a time
A bigwig network exec told me
I love uncab but it’s too much about process.
That now is still flowing in and out of frame.
Too much?
Not enough?
A perfectly imperfect amount about process.

I do so love process
The transparency
The realness
The rawness
The freshness
Of discovery.

Process is its own kind of product.
Process isn’t trying things out
So that they can be perfect later.
Process is the now.
This now.
The once upon a now.

Everything calls out for the why right now
Everything about 2020
From the vision quest vibe
To 2020’s insistence on doubling down.
To these early days
A launch filled with launches
Fire and brimstone
Yo! Don’t fuck with 2020.
Harry and Megan stepping down.
I mean they couldn’t find their why, right?
Decision 2020!

Why fades.
Needs to be refreshed.
Is like a spine.
Keep it limber.
We so need to be limber now.
In this transitional time.
Headed into a new paradigm.
The paradigm of we.
The only pronoun that counts.
All we.
No borders but good boundaries.
It all adds up to a why year.

And also why.
More we.
Sort of a feh word
For a sparkly thing.
Go ahead and use tribe if you prefer.
But its not quite right either.
A little restrictive.
Our we.
Open minded.
Forward thinking.
Trans everything.
The Becoming.
Changlings all.
And sensitive.
And that’s a big part of why.
How did we get here when sensitive is a derogatory term?
And our brilliant sensitives are killing themselves.
Too brutal.
So the pain to comedy alchemy.
We need it.

And because life is a cabaret.
And even though I didn’t know what a cabaret was
When I named uncabaret
It was a download
I do now know.
And though we are un in so many ways
And more
We are also what every cabaret is

And because it’s one way I recognize me.
And because I miss you when we don’t.
And because I love when you connect.

Someone came to me suffering mightily
He said he has been suffering mightily for 18 years.
And has tried many things.
He listed them.
I asked him if he had ever tried
Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.
His eyes lit up.
No he said.
No one had ever suggested that to him.

I’ve tried it.
Sometimes it really works.
That’s what great funny stories do too.
They help us get comfortable
With all this
That is so very uncomfortable.
Not my favorite un word by the way.

Because change makes us so…
You know the song by now.
You don’t?
Come on Sunday.

And also 2020 is a why year for uncab because.
We had our big 25th anni.
Then landed at Rockwell.
We had a good year that wasn’t the big year
The we didn’t go away after the Big Year year.

And now?
We keep going.
But I needed to hear the heart beat.
Take a minute Beth.
Unwind it.
A very useful un for me.

Plus my people are asking me for a 10 year plan.
My 10 year vision.
My meditation teacher.
My therapist.
My self.

How do I see th next 10 ears.
Besides one day at a time.
One now.
Then the next.

And among the new things that are happening
(I so want to tell you but can’t quite yet!)
And the things that I am trying to manifest.
I see UnCab continuing.
Because of all this why.
So much.
I admit it was a little vague until right now.
When I sat to write it down.

So thank you for letting me share.
And love to hear your why’s.

And of course…
Get your

Tickets here!

See you third Sundays for the rest of 2020.

So much love…

ox Your Sunday Girl xo Beth

UnCabaret Nov 10