UnCab Kicks Off 2019 at Rockwell in Los Feliz

Beth Lapides Uncategorized

We are thrilled to announce that we will kick off the UnCabaret 2019 Season at the wonderful Rockwell Table and Stage.


Sunday, January 13. Doors at 6 PM. Show at 7:30.

Beth’s Birthday Show!

Julie Goldman, Laura Kightlinger, Frangela, Jamie Bridgers and others TBD ASAP!

Tickets Here!


If you’ve been to Rockwell you know what a delightful and magical room it is.

We always have such a great time there… memorably nights with ultra talents Jeff Goldbum, Coco Peru and Charles Busch!


Rockwell is on Vermont in Los Feliz.

Which I always think of as ‘The Happies’.

Their food is lovely. Easy and comforting.

There’s some free parking around the blocks and a Valet in back.


We’ll be at Rockwell once a month, on the second Sundays.

With the exception of February.

The Grammy’s are on the second Sunday, they said.

That’s ok I said. We do fine on the Grammy’s.

No, we’re catering it and have no staff they said.

Ok then:)

So, Jan 13! Then March.

We’ve got some other stuff in February.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s get through the holidays.

But mark your calendars.

And get your tickets for January 13 now!


xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth