Beth Lapides Shows

Of course we were going to do the show on Sunday.
This Now needs to be occupied together.
So much to say.
And we need the good laughs.
These were my thoughts
Just yesterday morning.

Then, in the course of just a few hours
That Now changed to this Now.
So intense to feel the transition.
To feel yes shift to maybe.
As the idea to #flattenthecurve took hold.
Then maybe to no
As the idea of being a responsible citizen started to take hold.
Not the first way I think of myself.
But the isn’t usually.
At all.
It’s UnUsually.
I live in the unusual.
Like many of you.
But the unusual is a different place
When there is a usual nearby
To cast its shadow..

So here we are.
Citizen Beth.
Citizen You.
And you can’t spell citizen without zen.
You can’t be a responsible citizen
Without being mindful.
They seemed opposed.
One word so civic.
The other so cosmic.

We certainly are going to have more time to meditate now.
We always have that time.
But it doesn’t always feel like it.
Will it feel like it?
Or will it just feel like
There’s more time to panic.

Can it feel like there’s time for love
Love’s not cancelled.

Or will we be too busy
Cancelling touching our faces.

Is just paying attention.
And when you pay attention you buy the now.
And paying attention to the feeling
Underneath deciding to cancel Uncab?
Two of my most core elements went into conflict.
I’m so solution based.
So social distancing was obvious.
It’s the only way right now.
But I’m also a social butterfly.
Single tear emoji.
But there was really no choice.

So there will be no show on Sunday.
Rockwell will be sending an email
To those of you who already have tickets.
You are free to move your reservations to another show
Hope you do and line ups for the next two below)
Or they can issue you a refund.

All this has made me realize
One of the things I love most
About this crazy business of show
Is the sense that the show must go on.
Wrapped up in that sense are the sweetest things.
Hope, courage, resourcefulness, love and joy.
And ok maybe a little desperation to give it kick.

But every now and then
The show must not go on.

And those times are so few
And this is one of those times.

Let’s honor the unusualness of it.
Bow to the bigness.
Accept that we really are all connected.
Even relish it.
Commit to building a world where there is a net.
Not run from our grief.
Make time for the zen.

And I pray we can come together very soon.
And get back to a world
To a now
Where the show must go on!

xo Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

PS if you were looking forward to wishing Mitch happy birthday on Sunday you can do it at @therealmitchy on instagram:)

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