Perfect Merch

Beth Lapides Uncategorized

I was stopped at the light on Melrose and Fairfax. I was spinning about something. I can’t remember what. Probably everything. What was wrong, how to fix it. And then the thought came into my head: maybe this is perfect. Do you know what perfect is? Maybe this is it. Maybe this is perfect.

I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. It was the magic hour and I was in it. The cross walk was suddenly filled with Melrose shoppers and Hassids in their hats on their way to pray and it all was so beautiful. Maybe it was the light.

And now frequently so many times I see how something seemingly wrong has pointed me in a direction and helped open doors and create miracles. Perfection isn’t flawlessness. It’s a willingness to be open to grace, to the flow, to receive the light and to be the light. It’s filled with errors and mistakes and rough patches. It’s filled with risk taking and courage.

So I made a T-shirt to remind me. Happily it was the most popular t-shirt in the UnCabaret 25th Anniversary series. They are up online now for your perfect holiday gift giving. Have a beautiful day xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth