Mission Statement

Beth Lapides Uncategorized

CAP/UCLA asked us to write an Artist’s Statement for the program of of 25th Anniversary Show. UnCabaret is actually a collective of many artists. So that was interesting. But it was a good chance to step back and write a mission statement….

We are filled with hope every time UnCabaret convenes. We are curious about each other’s stories. And our own. What do they mean? How are we changing? What’s funny about that? We rejoice in the right to assemble. To meet friends of friends. And the person at the next table reading that book you love.

We commit to the courage to making the uncomfortable funny. We love our adventurous audience. We intend to uplift. We work to be a safe space for women and the LGBTQA community without excluding CIS gender men. We look for people who make the most beautiful mistakes. Original thinkers. Open hearted lovers. Those who are self knowing without being self-obsessed.

We look for partnership and community. We seek to be a full chakra experience. We have an attention span. We understand silence. We try to respect our own history while staying in the now. We have never written an artist’s statement before but are always up for the new. Thank you for being here tonight. Thank you for being part of UnCabaret.